Saturday, August 3, 2013

SEO Tutorial 3.5: What is Link Exchange? or Theme Based Link Building

Link Exchange is a process or technique to exchanging text links or banner links. There are three type o f link exchange:- (1) One Way Link Exchange (2) Two – Way Link Exchange (3) Three- Way Link Exchange or Reciprocal linking. The whole source is including link exchange or link building from where you got these kinds of links like directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, article submission, blog commenting etc. We have describe in details type of link exchange:-

  • One Way Link Exchange – One way back links mean that you have just add your website link to another website and you have no need to add their website link.
  • Two Link Exchange – Two Link exchange means that which website you have added another website or link exchange website, it will ask you back link from same domain website. In two back links we can include theme based or relevant back links. It means website or content relevant link exchange.
  • Three Way Link Exchange or Reciprocal Link Building – It means which website you have added or offer to link exchange from another link exchange webmaster site, you can offer him another domain back link no need to given same domain links. In three way link exchange also including theme based link exchange.

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