Sunday, October 2, 2016

Convert PDF to Word 100% Free is an amazing online tool that helps you convert your crucial documents from regular PDF to Word format. You can rely on this tool for getting numerous file conversions in a blink of eye. The entire process is so fast and uncomplicated that you won’t prefer getting your PDF document converted into Word doc from anywhere else. Here are some quick steps which you need to follow to convert your present PDF file to Word doc.

  • Upload your PDF file on tool.
  • Once it is uploaded, you will be required to choose ‘Word doc’ option, as this is the actual version in which you want to see your PDF file.
  • Click ‘Convert’ and be astonished to see your file being converted into Word doc at such a faster speed.
Convert PDF to Word doc efficiently without worrying about the final quality! If your current PDF file has lots of pages, fret not when is there to convert PDF without any fuss. The core principles of quality, security and quantity go simultaneously on this online platform. Now, converting your files from PDF to Word format is no more going to be a daunting task. It further supports all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. so that the valuable users can have access to ‘PDF to Word’ converter tool from almost any device.

Why should you use PDF to Word converter at understands the urgent needs of its users. Therefore, it emphasizes on creating a steady platform for them so that they can get their PDF files converted into Word docs easily. Here are some of the factors which will help you choose this platform for converting your next PDF to Word doc.
  • Speed: No matter what the size of your PDF file is, just upload it online, and see magic taking place in just a few seconds.
  • Quality: When you talk about quality, it is the site’s responsibility to convert your PDF to Word doc in the most readable form.
  • Safety: There are many PDF documents which hold crucial information regarding somebody’s organizational or personal matters. When you are searching for some reliable e-platform, where you can upload your PDF files without any fear of loss of security, this website can be a great source to rely on.
  • Servers at their best: The servers present in the cloud are doing their job of converting your files from PDF to Word.
So, just grab some popcorns, and see how this magic takes place.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

More Than 50 Free Online SEO Tools Offer by SolidSEOTools

Find a list of 50+ Awesome SEO Tools at one place. These 100% free tools offer by SolidSEOTools like Article Rewriter, Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Backlink Maker and much more.

SEO Tools

1. Article Rewriter

2. Plagiarism Checker

3. Grammar Checker

4. Backlink Maker

5. Reverse Image Search

6. Backlink Checker

7. Broken Link Finder

8. Meta Tag Generator

9. Meta Tags Analyzer

10. XML Sitemap Generator

11. Keyword Position Checker

12. Keywords Suggestion Tool

13. Robots.txt Generator

14. Word Counter

15. Link Analyzer

16. Online Ping Website Tool

17. Alexa Rank Checker

18. Page Rank Checker

19. My IP Address

20. Keyword Density Checker

21. Google Malware Checker

22. Domain Age Checker

23. Whois Checker

24. Domain into IP

25. Dmoz Listing Checker

26. URL Rewriting Tool

27. www Redirect Checker

28. Mozrank Checker

29. URL Encoder / Decoder

30. Server Status Checker

31. Responsive Checker

32. Page Size Checker

33. Reverse IP Domain Checker

34. Blacklist Lookup

35. AVG Antivirus Checker

36. Link Price Calculator

37. Yahoo Directory Checker

38. Domain Hosting Checker

39. Get Source Code of Webpage

40. Google Index Checker

41. Website Links Count Checker

42. Class C IP Checker

43. Website Screenshot Generator

44. Page Speed Checker

45. Code to Text Ratio Checker

46. Google Cache Checker

47. Search Engine Spider Simulator

48. Find DNS records

49. Domain Authority Checker

50. Page Authority Checker

51. Email Privacy

52. What is my Browser

53. Online Md5 Generator

54. Social Stats Checker

55. Mobile Friendly Test

56. Get HTTP Headers

57. Check GZIP compression

58. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

59.  Website Reviewer

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

SolidSEOTools' Grammar Checker

SolidSEOTools is one of the best and online free SEO Tools. It have more than 50 free online tools.  Grammar Checker is one of the most powerful and important tool of it's.

Grammar Checker

What is Grammar Checker?

Grammar Checker is online free tool. Through grammar checker you can identify the spellings and grammatical mistakes. Example: Noun, pronoun, verb, punctuation, etc.

What is use of Grammar Checker?

Grammar checker is a helpful way to identifies the grammatical mistakes. It's very helpful for who writes dozens of content daily. It help us remove the grammatical mistakes quickly and save our time.


Who can use Grammar Checker?

Anyone can use it. Who are writing new content or can check existing content or not sure about their grammatical skill.


How to Check Grammar Error?

It's very easy just copy or type what sentence you want to check and paste the above box Given in Solidseotools' Grammar Checker. Than click the Check Grammar button.

Just take a look, more than 50 + these kinds of online free tools available here.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

What is plagiarism checker? And how it works?

These days online business plays an important role for the growth and development of any enterprise and if you are looking forward to that growth, in that case, you must use the best online marketing techniques. Now, most folks are hooking up to SEO or Search Engine Optimization to rank their keywords and business on a particular domain for maximum resonance. As a new business entrant, if you are resorting to content marketing for promoting your brand and product, in that case, it is important that all the activities that you do is not contentious. If one follows the white hat SEO techniques then the result will come over the period of time but it will have a long impact on the business. So, make sure that whenever you are promoting your business through blogs, articles and press releases in this information age, it should be free from plagiarism.

There are many plagiarism tools that are available which can be availed to keep a track on the copying of the content. As a company engaged in writing, if your bread and butter is information then you should make an attempt to provide the essential ones and those that are reliable and not copied. With plagiarism checker, it is quick to grasp the uncertainties and fraudulent activities in the writing. Many writers use article re-writer to generate content but most of the times they are not reliable. Some may have phrases copied from elsewhere. With plagiarism checker, the complacency can be put under a check and scanner.

How Plagiarism Checker Works?

1. Splitting of Document: The first process is to break the document into small pieces and send all the information to different sources. From there the authentic documents are mapped and if there is any evidence of copying text and sentences, it is brought to light.

2. Phrase Evaluation: Every phrase and sentences and closely monitored and consecutive seven words are assessed to dig out the copying of the document. If the seven words match with any of the content available online, the content is leveled plagiarized.

3. Search Engine Result Download: Information in the search engine is closely monitored and accordingly the content is assessed for evaluation.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Top 3 Plagiarism Checker

Get the best plagiarism checker today and make sure that the content that you have produced is completely original.

When it comes to optimizing the keywords, in that case, the first and foremost thing that one must rely upon is content marketing. “Marketing is King and Content the Queen” the statement is completely justified at present. If you take a close look at the buying habits of the customers, in that case, you will come to know that 70% of the consumers are seeking for products and services online. They are looking for the businesses which are available online. To help such consumers reach their destination, the content marketing plays an important role. By optimizing the keywords with relevant content, one can easily get recognition on the online platform. Content is the main player in here but in can jeopardize the possibilities at the same time if not checked properly. A copied content is similar to a sword with sharpness on both the ends; it can even hurt the person holding to protect themselves.

So, the present information age doesn’t let you to do things that are not reliable. As an amateur, if you want to know whether the content is authentic or not, what would be the way out. Well, you can look forward to the following tools.

Small SEO Tools:- Smallseotools is free online site to keep a check on the plagiarism. The tool is friendly to use and you get 8 online tools based on which the authenticity of the article can be assessed.

PlagScan: - An on premise and S-a-a-S based plagiarism detector is excellent tool that have been helping academicians and social entrepreneurs. The tool breaks the content into bits and thoroughly assesses the phrases and contents. So far it has served some 1,000 organizations and it has definitely shown some tremendous results.

SolidSEOTools:- Solidseotools  is an excellent plagiarism checker with an average checklist of 100 URLs. The tool also provides excellent assistance to check Page Rank and it keeps a close scrutiny on the content and thoroughly checks their originality across different search engine results.

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Get Google Knowledge Graph for Company

What is Google knowledge Graph or KG Graph?

Google has added a feature with their search results. When somebody searches in Google like a company or brand name, products, persons, places, recipes etc. Google showing their search results with a box in right side with full of information of the queries. The results will show on behalf of semantic search by information gathering of different high authority sources. Google has launched knowledge graph in 2012. It’s completely based on structure data. Basically the data pulled on knowledge graph from Wikipedia and high authority websites.

Find below some Example of Knowledge Graph:-

Rabindranth Tagore

HCL Company

Day by day Google improving their search results. Google grab these information from different sources are available online and using these data to show exact results of search query.

How to Get Knowledge Graph for my company

1. Create Google Brand Page and Connect with G+ Profile and author verification.
2. Create Google Local Business Listing
3. Create Company Wikipedia Page
4. Create Local citations for you business or company name
5. Use structure data and schema for the website.
6. Published some PR/New on high authority sites.

Most important thing is when you will create page or listings try to use same company or business name everywhere. Using these things wisely you will become definitely entity of knowledge graph.

Google Brand Page – You have to understand and make sure about Google brand page. Google offers three types of profile. Google plus profile, Google local business profile and Google brand profile and another is Google community profile. If you have already Google account than you can create Google brand page. First you have to go to your Google plus profile>>>than go to left corner and choose pages>>>Choose bran page. After choosing brand page fill all related information and don’t forget to verify your domain. You can also verify your domain name email by adding contact info. Google will send you a verification link. You should be active on this profile and link your website with author rel tag.

Google Local Business Listing – Create your business local listing from same account, It will be helpful for manage all your profile form same account. When you will create local listing choose just your business don’t stuffing with keywords and category as relevant as possible according to your business. Google will be verify your listing by sending post card on your business address mention their or by Call/SMS verification.

Wikipedia Page – Getting Wikipedia page is too difficult for business or companies because it has some guidelines you have to follow them, not everybody claim it but it’s not impossible. By creating real citations or sources on some high authority and PR sites regarding your business or company news after than you can try it.

Wikipedia page is an important source of getting knowledge graph because Google using 90% of information from Wikipedia, showing knowledge graph. So it’s very important part for getting knowledge graph.

Create Local citations – Local business citation is also act a very important role of getting knowledge base graph. It will help to the Google crawler understanding the origin of business country, products and services because by location citations you will share your business real information like company name, owner name, address and phone no. etc.

Structure data and schema – By using Google Webmaster Tool, you can fix the website structure error and you can live check it by using structure data testing tool. Use schema or J-son code for markup your website business name, logo, address etc. It’s also an important part of getting Google knowledge graph.

You can use these code for organization markup.

Schema Code

JSON-LD code 

Publish some PR/New on high authority sites – By publishing PR and New regarding your business or company news. It will be help to create a good brand value and recognition for companies or business or product and services. Publish company’s start-up news or success story, if any have.

How to add social media profile in Knowledge graph – You can use this code for getting social medial links in your knowledge graph. It’s an exception Google crawl it’s automatically because their many profile have seen, they have not use these kinds code but their results showing better.

<script type="application/ld+json">
{ "@context" : "",
"@type" : "Organization",
"name" : "Your Organization Name",
"url" : "",
"sameAs" : [ "",

Conclusion - After using these methods and activity, I hope you will definitely conquer the search base knowledge graph.

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