Monday, May 13, 2013

SEO Tutorial 5: Google Analytics

We have learnt about Google Webmaster tools in our previous chapter (Chapter – 4). Now we will learn continue Google’s another famous tool that is Google Analytics. It helps to track a website step by step. It shows website analytic report like Visitor, keyword, Audience, Demographics etc.  Google Analytic tool describe all traffic report by fantastic diagram. It helps to understand easily, below is given some points how Google Analytics works and how can you install or put a Google Analytic script in a website:-

  • Free Sign Up - Sign up or login by your Gmail ID for Google Analytic tools. Put your website info and get tracking ID.

  • Install Code – After getting tracking ID, put it all pages of a website under the </head> section. After installing you can see the result within one week.
  • Real Time Visit – In this tool you can see the real time visitor. It means how many visitor or user currently showing your website.
  • Traffic Source -  Throw traffic source you can see what is source of traffic and by which keyword user reached there.

  • Audience – In this tab you can see the audience traffic like by country, by city or by region etc.
  • Goals - You can set here a website Goal.

We have described here too little about of Google Analytics, but when you will access this tool than you can see that there is too many tools. We will come with a new topic in our Next SEO Tutorial Lession.

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