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Get Google Knowledge Graph for Company

What is Google knowledge Graph or KG Graph?

Google has added a feature with their search results. When somebody searches in Google like a company or brand name, products, persons, places, recipes etc. Google showing their search results with a box in right side with full of information of the queries. The results will show on behalf of semantic search by information gathering of different high authority sources. Google has launched knowledge graph in 2012. It’s completely based on structure data. Basically the data pulled on knowledge graph from Wikipedia and high authority websites.

Find below some Example of Knowledge Graph:-

Rabindranth Tagore

HCL Company

Day by day Google improving their search results. Google grab these information from different sources are available online and using these data to show exact results of search query.

How to Get Knowledge Graph for my company

1. Create Google Brand Page and Connect with G+ Profile and author verification.
2. Create Google Local Business Listing
3. Create Company Wikipedia Page
4. Create Local citations for you business or company name
5. Use structure data and schema for the website.
6. Published some PR/New on high authority sites.

Most important thing is when you will create page or listings try to use same company or business name everywhere. Using these things wisely you will become definitely entity of knowledge graph.

Google Brand Page – You have to understand and make sure about Google brand page. Google offers three types of profile. Google plus profile, Google local business profile and Google brand profile and another is Google community profile. If you have already Google account than you can create Google brand page. First you have to go to your Google plus profile>>>than go to left corner and choose pages>>>Choose bran page. After choosing brand page fill all related information and don’t forget to verify your domain. You can also verify your domain name email by adding contact info. Google will send you a verification link. You should be active on this profile and link your website with author rel tag.

Google Local Business Listing – Create your business local listing from same account, It will be helpful for manage all your profile form same account. When you will create local listing choose just your business don’t stuffing with keywords and category as relevant as possible according to your business. Google will be verify your listing by sending post card on your business address mention their or by Call/SMS verification.

Wikipedia Page – Getting Wikipedia page is too difficult for business or companies because it has some guidelines you have to follow them, not everybody claim it but it’s not impossible. By creating real citations or sources on some high authority and PR sites regarding your business or company news after than you can try it.

Wikipedia page is an important source of getting knowledge graph because Google using 90% of information from Wikipedia, showing knowledge graph. So it’s very important part for getting knowledge graph.

Create Local citations – Local business citation is also act a very important role of getting knowledge base graph. It will help to the Google crawler understanding the origin of business country, products and services because by location citations you will share your business real information like company name, owner name, address and phone no. etc.

Structure data and schema – By using Google Webmaster Tool, you can fix the website structure error and you can live check it by using structure data testing tool. Use schema or J-son code for markup your website business name, logo, address etc. It’s also an important part of getting Google knowledge graph.

You can use these code for organization markup.

Schema Code

JSON-LD code 

Publish some PR/New on high authority sites – By publishing PR and New regarding your business or company news. It will be help to create a good brand value and recognition for companies or business or product and services. Publish company’s start-up news or success story, if any have.

How to add social media profile in Knowledge graph – You can use this code for getting social medial links in your knowledge graph. It’s an exception Google crawl it’s automatically because their many profile have seen, they have not use these kinds code but their results showing better.

<script type="application/ld+json">
{ "@context" : "",
"@type" : "Organization",
"name" : "Your Organization Name",
"url" : "",
"sameAs" : [ "",

Conclusion - After using these methods and activity, I hope you will definitely conquer the search base knowledge graph.

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