Sunday, May 8, 2016

What is plagiarism checker? And how it works?

These days online business plays an important role for the growth and development of any enterprise and if you are looking forward to that growth, in that case, you must use the best online marketing techniques. Now, most folks are hooking up to SEO or Search Engine Optimization to rank their keywords and business on a particular domain for maximum resonance. As a new business entrant, if you are resorting to content marketing for promoting your brand and product, in that case, it is important that all the activities that you do is not contentious. If one follows the white hat SEO techniques then the result will come over the period of time but it will have a long impact on the business. So, make sure that whenever you are promoting your business through blogs, articles and press releases in this information age, it should be free from plagiarism.

There are many plagiarism tools that are available which can be availed to keep a track on the copying of the content. As a company engaged in writing, if your bread and butter is information then you should make an attempt to provide the essential ones and those that are reliable and not copied. With plagiarism checker, it is quick to grasp the uncertainties and fraudulent activities in the writing. Many writers use article re-writer to generate content but most of the times they are not reliable. Some may have phrases copied from elsewhere. With plagiarism checker, the complacency can be put under a check and scanner.

How Plagiarism Checker Works?

1. Splitting of Document: The first process is to break the document into small pieces and send all the information to different sources. From there the authentic documents are mapped and if there is any evidence of copying text and sentences, it is brought to light.

2. Phrase Evaluation: Every phrase and sentences and closely monitored and consecutive seven words are assessed to dig out the copying of the document. If the seven words match with any of the content available online, the content is leveled plagiarized.

3. Search Engine Result Download: Information in the search engine is closely monitored and accordingly the content is assessed for evaluation.

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