Thursday, May 2, 2013

SEO Tutorial 4: Google Webmaster Tools

There are many SEO webmaster Tools are available on Internet. Every webmaster tools have something different method and strategy to showing their result and verified a website. Through webmaster tools we can add a website and verified it. After adding and verify we can track or monitor website report like indexed pages, visitors, impression, clicks etc. It helps to improve a website SERPs. Mostly webmasters use Google, Yahoo and Bing webmaster tools. Yahoo and Bing are merged. You can access here for both

Mostly webmasters prefers and use Google Webmaster Tools. Google is the “Father of Search Engines” There all tools are almost free. We can monitor our site step by step through Google webmaster tools. Sign in here‎ for Google webmaster tools. Below has given some points of Google webmaster tools features.

  • Add A Site – first add a site to Google, there is give many method to verify please choose one. After verify you are able access or track the website.
  • Configuration – Here we can set a target location of website like India, USA, Canada etc. set you target users.
  • Health – Here we can show the website errors and index status etc.
  • Robots.txt – Through robots.txt file we prevent a page to search engines results.
  • Traffic - We can see here total number of impression and clicks.
  • Sitemap – Submit an xml site here. There is too more tools here showing here. You will see here when access it.
  • Disavow Links – Google has added a new tool in webmaster tools that is disavowing links. Through this tool we can remove low quality or harmful links.

We will learn continue about Google Analytics in SEO Tutorial 5

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