Thursday, April 25, 2013

SEO Tutorial 3: Off Page Optimization

We have learned How to do the onsite optimization in SEO Tutorial 2. Now we will learn what is off page or offsite optimization. Off Page optimization is also very important part of SEO. Basically in off page optimization including part of creating different kind of link building and form submission related. In off page optimization we built links. Google count number of quality incoming that point out your website to other website. It helps get SERP (search engine result pages) for both sites.

In off page optimization you would have created different kinds of links and you have needed article, directory, social bookmarking, press release and different kind of source from that we can create links. You would have search that list by own on internet.

For instance if you want directory submission list than you will have enter the keyword in Google Search Engine “Free Directory Submission List” when you put that keyword than you will there is many source of free directory submission list. For this type can find and search all type of link source or list. See following points for off-page optimization:-

  • Search Engine Submission – it’s a first step of off page optimization. Find out the main search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Submit your Url.
  • Directory Submission – Search directory list and submit your website in appropriate category.

  • Social Bookmarking Submission – Search social bookmarking like directory. Social bookmarking needed registration. First signup, it’s free and the confirm your mailbox than login and submit you website.
  • Article submission – Article submission process is about same as social bookmarking.
  • Press release – Search online and submit press release. It also likes article submission.
  • Blog Post and Comment – Create blog post and comment on relevant blog. it also a good way to getting free one way link.
  • Forum Posting – Forum posting is community. It’s also a good way to creating free one way back links.
  • Link building – There is many way to creating good or theme based links. The website free, two- way, reciprocal and paid links. But Google prefer to build free or one way link building. There is many source of getting free links.

Searching online link submission list and creating back links, these kinds of activity call off page optimization. We have already been described above. We will learn continue In SEO Tutorial 4 about Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

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